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In addition to products sold, ABJ Associates Inc. provides ongoing services to clients throughout the area. Services currently include business consulting, custom programming, offsite backup, web archival services and network design, installation, support and system administration.

Business Consulting

With expertise in finance and accounting, business consulting services are provided ranging from production and job costing to profitability of product lines. Month to month accounting services are also provided supplying business owners with the information needed to adjust to changes in the economy and their business.

Custom Programming

Clients sometimes require customer programming to work with existing software or to operate independently meeting a specific need. ABJ Associates Inc. works with the client through needs analysis and specification, designing, coding and testing new software to be installed and supported at the client's site.

Offsite Backup

ABJ Associates Inc. provides remote offsite backup of key client information. These backups run on a schedule specified by the client, providing behind the scenes security protecting business data from disasters.

Web Archival Services

As web information becomes increasingly critical to the operation of business, it becomes more and more important that the history and content of that information be documented for both legal and business reasons. ABJ Associates Inc. provides cutting edge web archival services recording and tracking the evolution of information disseminated through the web.

Network Design, Installation, & Support

ABJ Associates Inc. handles any and all aspects of network design, installation and support. For some clients this may mean modifying existing networks to meet changing needs. For others it may involve network design and installation during new building construction and continuing with ongoing systems administration support.
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